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12 Reasons to Hire Indian Software Developers for IT Outsourcing

Sep 13, 20236 min read
by Murtuza Kutub
12 Reasons to Hire Indian Software Developers for IT Outsourcing Hero

Have you ever wondered why many global enterprises are turning their attention towards India when they think of IT outsourcing? Well, there's a solid reason behind this shift. 

During the first week of March 2023, IT industry body NASSCOM dropped some impressive news: The Indian technology sector is set to grow by 8.4% in FY 2023, touching a whopping $245 billion market size. Such numbers only reinforce India's reputation as a top destination for IT outsourcing. 

But, what makes India so special in this domain? Let's dive in.

Did you know?

Nearly 25% of startups in the US Silicon Valley are managed by people of Indian origin. This showcases the significant influence and technical prowess of Indian software developers on a global scale.

1. Competitive Rates

When you're on the hunt to hire software developers from India, one major perk you'll notice immediately is the cost advantage. Dollar for dollar, the rates offered by Indian developers often outshine those of their Western counterparts, without compromising on quality. 

Whether you're a budding startup or an established brand, when you hire dedicated software developers from India, your budget stretches further, giving you more bang for your buck.

Imagine you're running a tech startup in New York. Hiring a local software developer could cost you upwards of $100 per hour. Now, shift your gaze toward India. The same skill set, expertise, and dedication can be available for as low as $20-$30 per hour. This isn’t a mere discount; it's a significant saving! 

By choosing to hire a software developer in India, you're not just cutting costs, you're smartly reallocating resources. That extra budget can go into marketing, product development, or expanding your team even further. It's all about getting more while spending less.

Why hire software developers from India?

India offers a perfect blend of quality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal destination to hire dedicated software developers.

2. Access to Skilled Workforce

India isn't just about cost savings. It’s a treasure trove of talent. With a vast number of world-renowned IT institutes and colleges, the country produces a large pool of highly skilled and educated IT professionals every year. 

When you're looking to hire a development team, it's reassuring to know that India has a workforce that's not just vast but also rich in expertise and innovative thinking.

3. Flexible Engagement Models  

One thing's for sure when you're looking to hire a software developer in India: flexibility is the name of the game. India offers a plethora of engagement models to cater to varying project scopes, sizes, and budgets. 

Whether you're bootstrapping a startup or scaling a development team, there's an engagement model tailored just for you.

Engagement Model

Ideal For


Fixed Price 

Well-defined projects 

Predictable budget; No overruns

Time & Material

Evolving projects  

Flexibility; Pay for actual work hours

Dedicated Team  

Long-term projects

Complete control; Team immersion 

Hybrid Model 

A mix of clear & evolving scope 

Combination of fixed & flexibility


Large projects with set phases

Pay as milestones are achieved  

BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer)

Establishing offshore centers

Setup & run initially, then transfer to the client

Retainer Model

Ongoing regular work

Consistent work; Monthly billing  

4. Strong Educational Background  

When you hire a development team from India, you're tapping into an educational powerhouse. The Indian Education System, with more than 1.5 million schools, 8.5 million teachers, and a staggering 250 million children, stands as one of the largest in the world. 

This immense network has been churning out IT graduates who come prepared with both theoretical knowledge and practical insights, ready to take on global IT challenges.

5. Diverse Skill Set  

The world of technology is vast, and when you hire remote software developers from India, you get access to a rainbow of skills. From legacy systems to the hottest new technologies, Indian developers have their fingers on the pulse. 

Think of Sundar Pichai at Google or Satya Nadella at Microsoft. Both hail from India and are testaments to the diverse tech expertise the country offers.

Looking for a team with extensive tech skills to bring your vision to life? Dive into the diverse talent pool at F22 Labs. From the latest in AI to tried-and-true web development, we've got the expertise you need. 

6. Experience in Complex Projects  

Remember the time when India’s Mangalyaan (Mars Orbiter Mission) was launched? Priced at a fraction of what other countries spent, it showcased India’s capability in handling intricate tech projects. 

Similarly, when you hire software development team members from India, you’re banking on professionals who have been part of diverse projects, be it in AI, blockchain, or cloud computing, and have delivered results on the world stage.

If you're on the prowl to hire dedicated developers India stands as a goldmine of talent, experience, and cost-effectiveness. 

7. Overlapping Work Hours  

Imagine waking up, grabbing your morning coffee, and diving straight into a productive meeting with your outsourced software development team. 

Thanks to the magic of overlapping work hours between India and many Western countries, collaboration has become easy.

Ease of Communication: You don’t have to stay up late or start your day at the crack of dawn. Set up meetings during your regular work hours.

Real-Time Problem Solving: Instantly address any project hiccups. No more waiting for responses; get real-time solutions.

Faster Turnaround: With work continuing across time zones, projects get completed quicker. When one team sleeps, the other takes over.

8. English Proficiency  

Ever heard of the saying, "Lost in Translation"? 

Well, when you hire software development teams from India, that's one phrase you can happily forget. It's impressive to note that one in five Indian adults can converse in English. 

This proficiency ensures a seamless flow of ideas, feedback, and instructions, making the entire process smooth and effective.

9. Cultural Compatibility  

Indian culture is deeply rooted in the values of teamwork and collaboration. When you hire a dedicated software developers team from India, you're not just getting individuals skilled in coding but professionals who believe in partnership. 

Picture this: an Indian IT team collaborating seamlessly with a European firm, adopting their work ethos, understanding their cultural nuances, and even joining in their local celebrations via virtual meetups. 

It’s this spirit of mutual respect and teamwork that Indian professionals bring to the table. They don't merely execute tasks; they immerse themselves in your vision, ensuring that the journey to success is a shared one.

When the goal is to hire a development team that's proficient, communicative, and culturally compatible, India unmistakably emerges as the go-to destination. It's not just about coding; it's about building meaningful relationships that lead to success.

10. Focus on Quality  

In the bustling world of IT, you want a partner who's not just about delivering, but about delivering with excellence. When you hire software developers from India, you're aligning with professionals known for their unwavering commitment to quality. 

They don't just code; they craft solutions with precision, ensuring that every project resonates with global standards.

How much does it cost to hire an Indian software developer?

Costs can vary based on expertise, but on average, hiring an Indian software developer can range from $15 to $40 per hour, offering significant savings compared to Western rates.

11. Innovation and Problem-Solving  

India has been a cradle of some groundbreaking innovations in recent years. Let's dive into some noteworthy examples:

1. Zoho: A made-in-India software suite for businesses, Zoho has garnered international acclaim, offering everything from CRM to email hosting.

2. Paytm: Revolutionizing digital payments in India, Paytm has expanded its horizon, diving into banking, e-commerce, and more.

3. Freshworks: Born in India, this enterprise software company now serves global businesses with its user-friendly SaaS solutions.

4. Razorpay: Simplifying online payments, Razorpay has transformed the e-commerce landscape in India, making transactions smoother than ever.

5. BYJU's: Changing the face of education with interactive learning apps, BYJU’s has shown that innovation isn’t just about tech but also how we impart knowledge.

12. Supportive Government Policies  

The Indian government has been a stalwart supporter of the IT sector. From the establishment of IT parks to offering tax benefits to startups, the push is clear and concrete. One landmark initiative is the "Digital India" campaign, aimed at making government services electronically available to citizens. 

Additionally, the "Start-up India" movement, launched in 2016, has been pivotal in fostering innovation and promoting tech startups.

India's not just about brain power; it's also about technological prowess. With an ambitious vision to grow the ICT sector to $1 trillion by 2025, constituting 20 percent of its GDP, the country is rapidly ramping up its tech infrastructure. 

When you hire a development team from India, you're leveraging this advanced ecosystem, ensuring your projects run on the latest platforms and tools.

Final Thoughts  

From delivering top-notch quality to showcasing an unparalleled spirit of innovation, India has cemented its position as the go-to hub for IT outsourcing. When you choose to hire a software developer in India, you're not merely outsourcing tasks; you're partnering with a country that breathes tech, a nation whose dedication to excellence is unwavering. 

But hey, don't just take our word for it! If you're contemplating where to hire a development team, F22 Labs offers a golden opportunity – a 1-hour free consultation. Dive deep, explore, and experience firsthand the prowess of Indian IT professionals. Let’s create something brilliant together!

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