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What is Headless E-Commerce?

Headless e-commerce is the separation of the store backend (server, order details, prices, customer data) from the Front-end (Digital storefront, how customers see your website on the browser). Data flows between them ideally through JSON format using APIs.

This presents us with an opportunity that templated / server-rendered sites like Shopify don't. Some of these are - improved page speed, complete freedom in customizing the user experience of your brand’s storefront without any restrictions, personalizing the entire user experience, etc.

When should you opt For Headless E-Commerce migration?

  • Your website is terribly slow, with plugins making it further worse and eventually leading to customers bouncing off.
  • When you have a large number of product variants and categories it brings a unique problem of how to showcase them in a way that makes it easy for users to explore your offerings better.
  • Difficult to update content regularly due to constant changes in product collections
  • You wish to offer customized or personalized solutions to the user but your platform has restrictions that you need to work within.
  • Tired of third-party apps having control over your data and UX
  • Unable to leverage SEO

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Why is Headless important for your store

Headless E-Commerce Development Services We Offer


Zero Downtime Migration

Our team has expertise in migrating your existing ECommerce website into a Headless ECommerce website without the downtime and without affecting the daily operations of your business.



We create user-centric UI with our expert team, delivering customers value from the time they visit your website. Every component can be customized to increase speed and improve.


Third-Party Integration

Third-party applications that provide API access can be integrated allowing you to use them as you’d like without compromising your website’s experience.


Custom Requirements

We understand that your business is unique and with it would come unique challenges and the need for unique solutions that may not be available as readily available plugins.


Dedicated Team

Looking to ramp up the process of Headless e-commerce development faster without employing in-house, Hire experts from our team for a flexible period to help you scale rapidly.


Continuous Support

No software is ever complete. We continuously help maintain and keep improving the website based on data that we capture about the user's behavior.

Reasons why clients choose F22 Labs for their

Our Expertise

We started working on a headless website in 2014, our expertise over 8+years gives us an advantage over others as we have seen our clients grow and they remain in business with us to date.

Be Assured of the Best

We hire only the most talented designers and developers with strong formal education, good product thinking, good communication, and soft skills.

Transparency On Pricing

We make sure there is transparency on pricing, we don’t bullshit with blended rates where you have no clue how much you’re paying and for which resources.

Transparency of Resources

We do not hide any of our resources behind a spoc or a project manager. You will have complete transparency and access to all the team members that are building your Headless eCommerce platform, You will be able to communicate, brainstorm and collaborate with each and every one on the team.


Our team has experience working with various project management tools. We could use whatever tools you use in-house to ensure you don’t have a learning curve while working with us. Even though we are based in India, we are flexible to ensure we have a 2-4 hours overlap with your timezone to ensure a healthy collaboration.

Customer Obsessed

Our team is screened for very high Empathy and Emotional Quotient. Our team of designers and developers is obsessed with how end users would use their work. We collaborate to understand your vision and as a result, build the best Headless eCommerce platform and help you get the best ROI for your platform.

Problem Solvers

We love solving problems. We are builders, makers, and problem solvers. When we are hit with an unforeseen issue, our entire F22 team (even beyond the ones dedicated to your project) would come together to use our collective intelligence and experience to solve the problem. At no point will we have no solutions to your problems.

Employee Growth

We have a flat hierarchy and employees are (almost) their own bosses. Each member on the F22 Labs team is extremely passionate about their work, ambitious, and hungry to learn, and is given opportunities to grow and sharpen their skills.

Research-driven UI UX

Our aim is to put ourselves in the customer's shoes to understand how they would perceive a shopping platform. Our UI and UX team has gained experience in designing multiple commerce platforms, giving you a competitive edge starting with F22 labs.

Continuous Maintenance & Support

We ensure that we provide constant support when the Headless commerce website is deployed. We provide our support to ensure there is no disruption in customers' usage. Our team of experts monitors the performance ensuring your platform is secure and focused on revenue growth.

Let us help you in creating a faster and more personalized website for your customers with Headless approach

Featured Case Study

Frank Darling

A one-stop shop for buying engagement rings online

This website allows users to buy custom engagement rings and diamond jewelry online.

  • Migrated their Shopify website to a Headless platform using React JS to improve their performance.
  • Made enhancements in page speed and user journey to improve the booking experience.
  • Technology : React JS, Next JS, NodeJS, MySQL, Lambda.

FAQs On Headless E-Commerce Development

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Examples of some headless eCommerce websites?

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From crafting the perfect tech stack to a seamless launch, we've got your success covered. Ready to turn your idea into reality? Let's connect!
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We’d love to hear from you
From crafting the perfect tech stack to a seamless launch, we've got your success covered. Ready to turn your idea into reality? Let's connect!