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Dedicated Software Development Team

Your extended team of designers and developers. Helping you save time and money while quickly scaling your development bandwidth.




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Key Benefits of hiring a dedicated development team

Access to Expert Developers

You get easy access to a large pool of tech talent. Each designer/developer is versatile & well-trained. They have experience working across various domains like Healthcare, Fintech, Saas, InsurTech, Entertainment, Advertising, etc.

Continuous Learning and upskilling

They upskill themselves to keep abreast with the latest technological advances.

Saves Time & Effort

Onboarding a highly skilled & experienced team empowers you to hit the ground running & complete projects sooner. Spending 3-6 months hiring full-time resources can delay project timelines and launches.

Cost Efficient

You only pay for the resources you use. You would only use resources when they are required at different stages of the project. This is not the case when you have an in-house team, you have a fixed cost whether they are involved in the development project or not.

Technology Implementation

An experienced team can help set up processes and execute faster with their vast industry & technical know-how.

Ramp-up & Scalability

You can easily Ramp-up or Ramp-down based on the project requirements. Utilizing resources to their utmost capacity and only when required. In comparison to fixed scope, you can make changes to the scope of the project and accordingly make changes to the team allocated.

Protection from attrition

Attrition is common amongst tech companies. However, when you work on a dedicated development team model with an agency, in case of attrition of any resource, it’s the responsibility of the agency to provide a replacement that’s also fully onboarded on the project by the time the other resource leaves.

Build your internal team

In some scenarios, you can work out an agreement with the agency to transfer the dedicated team to your company after a certain period of time. This helps you also build your in-house team.

No Overheads

You only pay the monthly or hourly fee for the resources. You don't have to pay for their sick/paid leaves. You don’t have to pay for their laptop, insurance, and other such overheads that come with an in-house hire

Save your equity

As a startup, your early hires might be expecting a good share of equity, which in the long run would turn out to be really expensive for your startup. Hiring a dedicated development team from an agency in most cases will not require you to shed any equity from your company.

F22 Labs Collaboration Process


NDA Agreement

If required, we’re happy to sign an NDA before we get on a high-level discovery call.


Discovery Call

We then schedule a call to understand your project requirements, project timelines, goals, budget & Project roadmap.


Team Composition

Based on our discovery call, we can plan the kind and number of resources that would be required for the development. Your dedicated development team is allocated to you based on the skill set required, the expertise of the resources, industry experience, their communication skills, and your budget.



We welcome our clients to have a conversation/interview both technical as well as a general chat with the resources before they are assigned to their dedicated development team.


Cultural Fit Discussion

Very important aspect of our process is culture fit discussion. The client can interview resources to see if they will be a good fit for their firm’s culture. This makes working with your dedicated development team a lot easier and more fun.


Mode of Communication

We prefer to use asynchronous modes of communication like Slack as much as possible. Your entire dedicated development team would be added to a common slack channel that would be shared with your company.


Timezone and Project Management

We will agree upon operational processes on how the project work would flow. Timezone alignment on how the teams will have their daily interaction. Clear understanding of the review & reporting methods. Also setup processes to ensure data is secure and knowledge base is shared transparently


Legal Agreement

We have two legal entities, one in India and one in the USA. You can choose to sign an agreement with whichever jurisdiction you are comfortable with. Our Services Agreement will clearly highlight our scope of services and costs.

Technologies We Use





Mobile App


UI UX Design






Reasons why clients choose F22 Labs

Be Assured of the Best

We hire only the most talented designers and developers with strong formal education and good communication and soft skills.

No Management Headache

Your dedicated development team will only consist of folks who can manage themselves and will not need you to micro-manage them.

Transparency On Pricing

We make sure there is transparency on pricing per resource, so you know how much you pay for each resource. We don’t bullshit with blended rates where you have no clue how much you’re paying and for which resources.

Transparency of Resources

We will not hide your dedicated development team behind a single point of contact or a project manager. You will have complete knowledge and control of who is on your team, and each resource’s skill set, experience & role. You will be able to communicate, brainstorm and collaborate with each and everyone on the team.


Our team has experience working with various project management tools. We could use whatever project management tool you use in-house to ensure you don’t have a learning curve while working with us. Even though we are based in India, we are flexible to ensure we have a 2-4 hours overlap with your timezone to ensure a healthy collaboration.

Almost no Ramp-up Time

Our experienced team of developers will bring their wealth of knowledge, experience and hit the ground running. Thanks to working on projects spanning various industries and tech skills.

Customer Obsessed

Our team is screened for very high Empathy and Emotional Quotient. Our team of designers and developers is obsessed with how customers would use their work.

Problem Solvers

We love solving problems. We are builders, makers, and problem solvers. When we are hit with an unforeseen issue, our entire F22 Labs team (even beyond the ones dedicated to your project) would come together to use our collective intelligence and experience to solve the problem. At no point will we have no solutions to your problems

Extended team

Your success is our success. The development team we give works as an extension of your team. We consider ourselves successful, only if our client is successful. This is the reason why the majority of our business is through word of mouth. This is a testimonial of the good work we did for our clients.

First Principles

The dedicated development team will challenge your assumptions and ask hard questions. We collaborate to understand your vision, building the best solution for the problems you’re solving.

Our Previous Work

Our team can design, develop & deploy projects with finesse & speed

What our clients say about us?

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We’d love to hear from you
From crafting the perfect tech stack to a seamless launch, we've got your success covered. Ready to turn your idea into reality? Let's connect!
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